Tensions between Christian parties in Slovakia


Eastern Europe


Press conference in which the Christian Democrats announced that they will not fuse with the Christian Union. Photo Facebook, KDH

The sea is a bit stormy between two Christian parties in Slovakia. The Christian Union accuses the Christian Democratic Party of not being cooperative despite the shared faith.

Even though members from both parties are in favour of merging the candidate lists of the Christian Union (KU) and the Christian Democratic Party (KDH) for the upcoming elections, the Christian Democratic Party does not seem keen on doing so. That is reported by Standard. Instead, the Christian Democratic Party decided not to include members of the Christian Union on its candidate list.

The Christian Union is disappointed in this decision. On its Facebook page, the party writes that it was “sincerely interested in joint progress in the elections.” However, the Christian Union points out, “we have not received a single serious response from the KDH in six weeks; not a single draft agreement.” Instead, the Christian Democrats kept emphasising that they “would go to the elections alone”, the statement reads. On the other hand, the KDH repeated that “they were negotiating with individuals from KU”, which the Christian Union calls an “extremely unfair approach.”

The party wonders what the obstacle to more cooperation is. It complains that the Christian Democratic Party has not responded with a content-related answer to their requests for a fusion and to their resolution on how to achieve this merging.

The Christian Union concludes its statement by saying that the party regrets the decision of the Christian Democratic Party and that the KU will continue its parliamentary work by itself.


The Christian Democratic Party, on the other hand, writes in a press release that cooperation with the Christian Union is difficult because the KU supported the current government loyally. The Christian Democratic Party is known for criticising the coalition. The party adds that it did not receive a programme with the priorities of the Christian Union, while “debate on the programme is crucial for us.”

The KDU furthermore says to be surprised that the Christian Union ended the negotiations about a fusion of candidate lists. The Christian Democrats point out that it is unheard of that “another political party wrote a resolution and demanded its approval at the all-Slovak council of the KDH.” “This procedure does not respect the autonomy of the movement”, the party elaborates.

The Christian Democrats call the resolution of the KU a “unilateral dictation of conditions.” It also defends itself by saying that it did respond to the proposals and blames the Christian Union for not answering the call to “move to programmatic debates.”

The party concludes its press release by pointing out that all members of the Christian Union who do not agree with the current government and like the style of the Christian Democratic Party are welcome to join their candidate list.



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