C in German CDU continues to survive


Central Europe


Friedrich Merz, the party leader of the German Christian Democratic Union. Photo Facebook, CDU

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany wants to change its value document. One thing that seems to remain the same is the Christian component.

Recently, CDU members were asked about their opinion on the values they thought the party should represent in the German political arena. One remarkable view among the almost 66,000 participants is that most value the party's orientation towards Christian values and convictions.

In total, 36.6 per cent finds it very important, while another 42.1 per cent deems it important, PRO reports. Only about 16.6 per cent considers the Christian component less important, and another 4.7 per cent sees it as entirely irrelevant.


The survey participants also answered a question about what the C of their CDU should entail. Most votes went to 'freedom' (82.5 per cent), followed closely by the 'protection of human dignity' (80.7 per cent). Other values that CDU members find essential are respect, decency and fairness. In addition, values such as strengthening families and promoting peace are seen as essential for the CDU.

Participants are less interested in the climate or the promotion of religious freedoms.

Party leader Friedrich Merz says that he finds it remarkable that three-quarters of the members consider it important that the C does not only stay in the name of the party but also "that we continue to use it as a guide." He adds that that is also his personal opinion.

The survey is a prelude to a broader renewing process of the party. Its value document is to be changed before the end of this year.


It is not the first time that the party has debated its Christian component. Last year, some critical voices argued that the party should do more to emphasise the C in its name. At the same time, 35 per cent of the Germans would like to see the C removed from the CDU.



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