Controversial exposition moves from Nuremberg church to art gallery


Central Europe


People preparing the exhibition in the art gallery. Photo Instagram, kreis_galerie

The controversial exposition "Jesus loves" will not be displayed in a church in Nuremberg anymore. Instead, it is moved to an art gallery.

The exposition by gay artist Rosa von Praunheim was only visible for a few days in Nuremberg. There, the images that showed provocative sexual pictures, were exhibited in the Eigidienkirche, which many thought to be blasphemous, Pro writes. However, this led to an outcry from people who felt offended by the fact that the explicit images were placed in a church. As a result, the exhibition was closed early.

The regional bishop of Nuremberg, Elisabeth Hann von Weyhern, welcomed the decision to not display the exposition in a church anymore. The statement of the church read that it does "not do justice to the mission of the church."


From now on, the display will no longer be placed in churches but in art galleries. First, it will be on display for a while in Nuremberg, then in Munich, and lastly in Hamburg, Idea writes. It will be visible starting from Wednesday.

The LGBT organisation CSD Nuremberg writes in a statement that it "won't let itself be closed! And certainly not be intimidated!" It also argues that freedom of art and freedom of religion should not be "played off against each other."

Earlier, it had condemned the closure of the exposition in the church. It called it a "fatal sign" that showed "how right-wing extremists and evangelical forces are trying to further demonise homosexuality."



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