German court acquits soldier who refused Covid vaccination


Central Europe


In addition to having to get their own Covid vaccination, the soldiers of the German Bundeswehr also helped with the vaccination campaign. Photo EPA, Ronald Wittek

The Court in Bad Kissingen has acquitted a soldier from the German Bundeswehr who was prosecuted because he refused a COVID-19 vaccination. He was charged with disobeying orders, but the judge did not agree.

The military officer had refused to get the immunising injection, which had become mandatory for the armed forces in November 2021. Therefore, he was degraded to another position but also prosecuted for disobeying orders. The public prosecutor had demanded a three-month suspension and announces an appeal, Junge Freiheit writes.

However, according to the judge, the soldier should not be sentenced because of the lack of proportionality given the falling number of infections and the side effects of the vaccination that are now known.


The 33-year-old soldier had refused a vaccination despite being asked several times to get one. He was examined by a medical officer to see if any medical reasons justified his refusal, LTO reports. However, this was not the case, and the vaccination demand remained in place. However, as the man continued to refuse, he was sent back to his home company, where he again refused the injection.

During the Covid pandemic, soldiers were required to get a vaccination because they often work together in confined spaces, such as tanks, aeroplanes or ships. That increases the risk of infection, the Defence Ministry reasoned. Last year July, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled that this requirement remained in place, Welt writes.

Disciplinary actions

Bundeswehr soldiers do not only have to get a vaccination against Covid, but also against hepatitis, measles, rubella, mumps and influenza. Anyone who refuses risks disciplinary actions, LTO writes.

Last July, the Munich district court sentenced another Bundeswehr soldier to a fine of 900 euros for refusing the Covid vaccination.



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