Russian patriarch: You don't get sick in church


Eastern Europe


Patriarch Kirill says you don't have to be afraid for Covid in church. Photo EPA, Sergei Ilnitsky

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia mourns the fact that the Covid pandemic has led to lower church attendance, Orthodox Christianity reports.

The Patriarch emphasised that people should not be afraid of getting sick in church. He made his statement following the Divine Liturgy at the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in a service dedicated to the Grand Prince and warrior St. Alexander Nevsky.

After the service, the Patriarch thanked the choir for their participation. He then took the chance to turn to the topic of church attendance.

“I only regret that the circumstances of the pandemic reduce the number of faithful who come to church. That is understandable because some are afraid of getting sick. However, the last thing to be afraid of is getting sick in church.”

According to the Russian Patriarch, there is no reason to be afraid in church because the grace of God is present in the building. And in addition, “people do not come into close contact with each other, as a specific order is followed.”



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