Romanian PM: country is not ready for same-sex marriage


Eastern Europe


Recognising this form of marriage is also not one of his priorities, the PM stated. Photo AFP, Philip Fong

A European Court demands the recognition of same-sex marriage in Romania. But the population is “not ready” for it.

The Romanian society is not ready for the recognition of same-sex marriage, says its Prime Minister, Marcel Ciolacu. Recognising this form of marriage is also not one of his priorities, the PM shared with the radio station 'Europa FM.

However, the country must presentproposed measures after the European Court of Human Rights issued a verdict that the EU Member State had to recognise same-sex couples. The deadline is March 25, 2024. Nevertheless, PM Ciolacu is not disturbed by that. "It is neither the first or last time that Romania is violating an ECHR ruling", he said according to Romanian news website Digi24.

Despite his qualms, Ciolacu wants to emphasise that he is not an “obtuse” man. “I have friends who are in relationships with another man. I have no problem with them. But I’m speaking now from the point of view of the prime minister.”


The Orthodox Church in Romania, however, is vehemently opposed to the recognition of same-sex couples. According to a spokesperson, this would represent “an unnecessary overlap with the valid institution of marriage.” Furthermore, according to the Church, recognition of same-sex marriage is “the toxic source of the breakdown of the importance and morally formative authority of the family.”



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