Sabbath is central theme during Week of Prayer


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The Week of Prayer 2022 is about Sabbath's rest. Photo EEA

The European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) is organising a Week of Prayer again in the coming week (January 9th-16th). The topic is Sabbath: Living According to God’s Rhythm.

The day of rest is under attack nowadays, says Thomas Bucher, the general secretary of the EEA to Evangelical Focus. “People become more and more estranged from God’s good guidelines for life, a day of rest just does not make any sense”. He calls the Sabbath “an ingenious gift from God”.

The goal of this theme is not to protest against working on Sundays. “It is an opportunity to rediscover freedom in the midst of a world relentless with demands and pressure”, as the organisers explain to Evangelical Focus. “By praying, we commit ourselves to building healthy communities and churches.”

The prayers are connected to the Bible readings that are focused on several aspects of the Sabbath: identity, provision, rest, compassion, remembrance, joy, generosity and hope. According to the EEA’s website, all the Scripture readings and other material is available in the YouVersion Bible-app, both in English and in German.

Tradition goes back to 1847

The Evangelical Alliance is organising a Week of Prayer every year in January. It always has a different theme. The tradition goes back to 1847, Evangelical Focus wrote in 2016.



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