Swiss Parliament has to decide about ban on conversion therapy


Central Europe


General view of the Swiss parliament. Photo AFP, Fabrice Coffrini

The canton of Basel brings the topic of conversion bans under national attention. The local government has already approved a ban on conversion therapies for gays and lesbians and hopes that bringing the initiative on the national agenda sends a signal.

By the so-called conversion therapies, homosexual people are treated to become heterosexual. Johannes Sieber from the political party GLP and Annina von Falkenstein from the LDP have convinced the Basel Grand Council to submit a professional initiative at the federal level, ref.ch reports.

“With a regulation at the federal level, a signal could be given to all of Switzerland and an important socio-political effect could be achieved”, a government statement says.

In addition, the SP submitted two other parliamentary initiatives that want to ban under more advertisements of conversion methods throughout Switzerland.



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