Swiss canton of Valais wants to legalise assisted suicide


Central Europe


Bettmeralp, Valais, Photo EPA, Anthony Anex

The Parliament of the Swiss Canton of Valais has validated a law that requires medical and social institutions to offer assisted suicide.

Since 2018, the Valais parliament has debated this issue, Evangelique.Info reports. However, it had not yet been able to decide on the role of social welfare institutions in this respect. Medical and paramedical social institutions are also involved.

On 10 March, the Radical Liberal Party FDP, the Christian Democratic CVP and the Greens adopted the law by a large majority. The proposal was adopted with 83 votes to 40. Two parliamentarians abstained.

Only the members of the centre democratic UDC opposed the law. The Union saw its proposed amendments rejected, including the one calling for an exception to the rule for the Upper Valais.

However, the people of Valais will vote on whether to apply the law. The referendum will occur “as soon as possible”, “probably at the end of the year”, announced the cantonal parliament.

In Switzerland, there are more than 1,000 assisted suicides every year.



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