Pornography consists of sexually explicit images. Watching pornography can be very addictive.

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What is pornography?

Pornography consists of graphic images with sexual content. It is often freely accessible via the internet, and often even minors are able to find it.

Pornography is often criticised for featuring sexual abuse and leading to sex addiction.

Christians often reject pornography, because they believe it is about the seventh commandment of God's law: Thou shalt not commit adultery. Looking with sexual desire to somebody who is not your partner is unfaithfulness.

Why is pornography addictive?

Watching porn to experience sexual excitement can lead the brain to release the hormone dopamine, which gives a feeling of pleasure. However, if pornography is watched regularly, someone can gain a tolerance for it. Therefore, a person may need more and more to get the same feeling of pleasure. In addition, one can become dependent on porn to get the same feeling over time.

What are the dangers of pornography?

Next to addiction, pornography can have a negative psychological impact. French research showed that teenagers use porn to find answers to their questions about sexuality. This can lead to distorted images of sexual relationships. Porn, for example, often portrays women being abused. That can lead to unhealthy relationships in real life, as people have unrealistic expectations.

In addition, people may start feeling insecure about their own bodies, because they compare themselves to porn stars.