Dutch pro-life movement launches international website


Western Europe


Screenshot of NPV-Care for Life.

The Dutch pro-life movement NPV-Care for Life has launched an international website. The organisation announced this in a press release on Friday.

NPV-Care for Life is a Christian organisation that defends human life's value in the public debate about medical ethical issues and offers personal support in medical ethical questions.

The goal of NPV-Care is to stand up for the value of every human life, regardless of its stage. To that end, NPV-Care forms part of a worldwide network of organisations with the same purpose.

NPV-Care has amassed forty years of knowledge and experience in medical ethics. Therefore, the organisation wants to share this expertise and has launched an English website. The website provides information from a Christian perspective on medical ethical themes such as abortion, euthanasia, DNA modification and gender.

Worldwide, these themes are facing increasing ethical tension. The organisation writes that the worldwide trend toward liberalising abortion laws shows that standing up for unborn life is more important than ever.

Furthermore, in the Netherlands, a bill was proposed to make it easier to change gender legally. However, a study from NPV-Care showed that there is little support for this bill amongst the Dutch population. NPV-Care: "Discussing these ethical issues requires joining forces. We hope that by making our information more accessible, we will help the process."



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