Anti-Semitic sentiments stronger among Muslims


Central Europe


Anti-Israel demonstration in Germany. Photo EPA, Sascha Steinbach

Anti-Semitism plays a more prominent role in the Muslim community than among the average population. That is the conclusion of a representative survey by the German Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach on behalf of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Berlin.

On average, almost 22 per cent of the German population has anti-Semitic feelings, protestant news agency Idea reports. Of the Muslim population, the share of anti-Semitic people is almost 46 per cent.

More than half of the German Muslims think that Jews use their status as victims of the Holocaust for their benefit. Of the general population, about 34 per cent shares that opinion.

In addition, almost half of the Muslims believe that Jews have too much influence in business and finance positions. A third of them also hold the Jews accountable for economic crises.

According to Idea, the survey furthermore shows that Muslims who faithfully visit the mosque show more anti-Semitic tendencies than those who only attend services occasionally.

Remko Leemhuis, director of the AJC Berlin, says that the figures confirm the fears that already existed. According to him, the study proves that anti-Semitism is not only a problem among Muslims but also throughout society.

About 1,600 German adults were interviewed for the research, including around 560 Muslims.



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