Record of Ukrainian churches leaving Moscow Patriarchate


Eastern Europe


First service under the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Church of the Intercession in the village of Shpytky. Photo Facebook

Never before have so many congregations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (OUC) under the Moscow Patriarchate decided to break with Moscow in one day. Last Sunday, 21 churches made the transition to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

In the Sarny Eparchy alone, already three congregations decided to switch, the Rivne Diocese reports on its website. According to the diocese, an "overwhelming majority decided to change the subordination." According to official legislation, a majority of two-thirds is needed to make the transition.

The congregations that made the transition are the Holy Intercession Community of Sarny, St. Michael's Parish in Lyukhcha, and the St. George Parish Kostiantynivka.

Most switching congregations in Western Ukraine

Furthermore, the St. Michaels Cathedral in Kostopil decided in favour of breaking with Moscow. The abbot argued that he could "not be in a denomination where the Patriarch does not recognise the Ukrainian nation as independent", the Rivne Diocese writes.

Most of the congregations that decided to leave the Moscow Patriarchate are located in Western Ukraine, the Austrian news source Religion.orf reports.

According to Religion.orf, the Russian Orthodox Church has never lost so many parishes in one day. In total, 239 congregations have switched from the Moscow Patriarchate to the Patriarchate of Constantinople since February 24.



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