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Neline, CNE.news

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Jan and I grew up in families that did not live luxurious lives. You should only buy a new smartphone when the other breaks down. You ought not to throw clothes out if they are still good. And we have never been to winter sports either, so we are still impressed by the height of the hills in the Ardennes. Or the hunebeds in the Dutch provide of Drenthe.

So, both for Jan and me, it is a great adventure when we travel to a four-star hotel in North Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. My parents are staying over at our house, so we do not have to be worried about the children. It takes getting used to just the two of us in the car. "Look, a train!" I call out enthusiastically one time during the road trip. But the backseat remains strangely quiet.

I booked a hotel with a significant discount via the website Social Deal, which sells trips and tickets at much lower prices. That feels a bit less decadent. However, the arrangement at the hotel does include a welcome with a Limburg pie.

Neline op de fiets.jpeg

Neline is married and the mother of five: Martha (8), Abel (6), Jolijn (5), Reinout (3) and Sifra (0).

The hotel employee friendly asks what I would like to drink. I assume that a forest fruit flavoured tea is a common thing to order. But unfortunately, the assortment of drinks does not include that. However, they do have "a delicious blend of red fruits". Apparently, rooibos flavoured tea is a bit too ordinary as well; Jan receives a "mix of rooibos, exotic herbs and orange peel."

Romantically we take a sip from each other's tea. Especially the rooibos tea is exquisite. Jan skillfully shoves his used tea bag back into its package when no one is watching. We saw that our room has an electric kettle, and we would love another cup of tea of this flavour tonight.

The highlight of our getaway is probably the breakfast buffet: unlimited snatching! I am a bit too greedy: I still have a closed package of jam left at the end of our meal. Fortunately, Jan still has some space in his pocket. It is a nice souvenir for the children!

And then it is time to check out. Suddenly I want to get home quickly. Just drive a bit faster, I say to Jan, who wants to stay behind a semi to save some fuel.

However, my hurry seems to have been for nothing. When we arrive home, the house smells like fresh coffee and an all-purpose cleaner. My mother is busy ironing, and my father is taking the children out for a walk. The washing machine makes noises from the garage, and the laundry is fluttering on the clothesline outside.

It is nice to get back home this way — five stars for our babysitters.



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