Cheap Swiss Bible gets more expensive (even 2.50 euros)


Central Europe


The low-cost Bible in French. Photo SBG

The so-called "low-cost Bible" in Switzerland will get more expensive. The Société Biblique de Genève (SBG) has to raise the price from 2 euros to 2.50 euros (CHF 2.90).

This has to do with higher prices, particularly for paper. That is reported by Evangeliques.info. Before, the society had to raise the price from 1.50 to 2 euro.

SBG published this Bible in 2007. It was meant to be sold in places such as bookstores and supermarkets. On mail-order sites, it was the best-selling Bible in French. The low-cost Bible (based on the Second 21 text version) sells more than 170,000 copies yearly.



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