More Bibles distributed in 2021


European Union


Photo AFP, Martin Bernetti

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the distribution of Bibles is on the rise again, according to the United Bible Societies. However, many challenges remain.

The distribution of Bibles increases by 5.5 per cent. The Universal Bible Alliance (United Bible Societies, UBS) has unveiled its report for the year 2021. Horst Scheurenbrand, Head of World Bible Aid at the German Bible Society, pointed out that “apart from Europe, more full Bibles were distributed on every continent than in the previous year. This is a good sign after the significant decline the year before”. This reports the Christian news website Evangelical Focus.

32.6 million complete Bibles have thus been distributed by the 160 Bible societies members of the worldwide association. Active in more than 184 countries, they still have “many challenges” to meet due to the coronavirus health crisis. It is, for example, more difficult to reach people through events and distribution campaigns.

About 20 per cent of all the complete Holy Scriptures distributed were downloaded from the internet. The UBS report notes that the distribution of digital editions of the Holy Book “is playing an increasingly important role, especially in regions that are in crisis.” This reports the Brazilian news website Comunhão



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