Fear for children's safety after nakedness at Gay Parade in Germany


Central Europe


Christopher Street Day in Berlin last year. Photo EPA, Clemens Bilan

A German children's protection organisation has started a petition to protest against the public sexual promiscuities seen during the German Pride Parade on Christopher Street Day.

The petition expresses indignation about the fact that participants of the Pride Parade in Berlin publicly displayed nakedness and sexual acts. Seeing these sexual promiscuities are disturbing for children and can seriously harm their development, according to the organisation behind the petition Kinderseelerschützer, that mainly communicates through Facebook. With the petition, the organisation wants to prohibit these public acts during Christopher Street Day and pleads for regulations to prevent them from happening. Wednesday afternoon, more than 5000 people have already signed the petition.

According to Kinderseelerschützer, sexual promiscuity was seen everywhere during the Pride Parade. Men were walking around naked and carrying out sexual acts on the street for the eyes of everyone. That is the image the German influencer Lynn Kirchner from Bad Segeberg paints in her YouTube video

Kirchner warns that these happenings occurred on the street, leading many children to witness inappropriate things for their age. There had been no warnings or age limits for the Parade, as is usual for DVD’s and TV programs.

Also, the German Protestant news agency Idea is very critical on the happenings. "This event shows the true colours of the rainbow culture", its editors write in a commentary. It criticises that there has barely been debate on "the provocatively acted out sex hype on the street." According to the news agency, Christopher Street Day is not a colourful street festival for families with children but "a symbol of male sex." Idea compares encouraging children to go to Christopher Street Day to inviting an exhibitionist into kindergarten.

"Petition is unclear"

The petition is unclear on which acts exactly should be prohibited, LGBT website Queer.de responds to the petition of the children's protection organisation. Queer.de mentions several points of critique on the petition. For example, the pictures would not have been taken at the last Christopher Street Day in Berlin, and the organisation would be anti-Queer. However, the organisation does not explicitly deny the acts described by the children's protection organisation.

Instead, it writes that there has been debate on how permissive the Parade should be for a long time. Last year, MP Christina Baum (AfD) called for a general ban on the event because of its alleged sexualisation.



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