Surrogacy stand banned from “Desire for child” fair in France


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Photo Unsplash, Omar Lopez

For the first time, organisations promoting surrogacy are not welcome at the "Désir d'Enfant" fair in Paris.

The fair's organisers announced recently that the "GPA" (Pregnancy for others) will not be present at the fair. That is reported by Famille Chretienne. Instead, only a few books on surrogacy will be sold at the event. The organisers say that they regret their decision but cannot do otherwise. "Désir d'Enfant" is a fair to which people can come who wish to start a family. Several organisations with expertise in medical options for pregnancy will be present at the event.

The fair has been controversial because it included stands promoting surrogacy, which is illegal by law in France. It did so to meet the aspirations of homosexual couples, who need a surrogate mother to carry and bear a child for them.

Anti-surrogacy associations have campaigned for a long time to remove the surrogacy stand from the fair. They see GPA as the selling of babies and point out the risk of children being abandoned by their prospective parents. The associations warned "Désir d'Enfant of legal consequences in case they would promote an illegal practice." They are happy with the decision of "Désir d'Enfant" to remove the stands on surrogacy. The president of La Manif pour Tous (struggle for all) says they are delighted with the decision but "will be very vigilant in respecting the law throughout the weekend with the help of a bailiff and mystery visitors to the show." In addition, she calls for penalties for French people who attempt to get a surrogate mother abroad.

More than 1,500 people have already signed up for the show. It is expected that fewer homosexual couples will visit the event, as surrogacy is an important option for them to get children.



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