Christian EU party advertises for board member


European Union


Logo of the ECPM. Photo Facebook, European Christian Political Movement

The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) has a vacancy on its board. It is therefore advertising for a new representative.

A new board member must have “relevant political work experience” and fit into the profile of a Christian Democrat, the ECPM writes on its list of requirements. Furthermore, the party prefers someone who has been active for ECPM before.

The board will appoint a selection committee to assess potential candidates for the function. The General Assembly has the final vote.

The function is part-time and unpaid.

Board members represent the party in meetings, media and legal matters, the ECPM writes on its website. In addition, board members have the authority to vote on decisions. They are appointed by the General Assembly of the ECPM.


The ECPM is the only European political party which promotes Christian values in politics, it writes on its website. According to the party, the relationship between man and God is the heart of the Christian democracy. Currently, the party has four MPs in the European Parliament.



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