More religious education for native Sami in Norway


Northern Europe


Sami children in a classroom. Photo AFP, Jonathan Nackstrand

Religious education of the children of the Sami people will get high priority. That is the promise of the re-elected leader of the Sami Church Council in Norway, Sara Ellen Anne Eira.

The Sami children should get new materials and everything else they need to receive decent religious education, Eira (46) says to the Christian Press Office kpk. "They are the future, and we must work to ensure that this training is given under good conditions."

Sara Ellen Anna Eira. Photo Instagram, seambe

Furthermore, the Sami Church Council leader emphasises the importance of recruiting people for ecclesiastical positions. She points out that the Sami population is very much involved in church life. "I find that many Sami parents baptise their children in church. Most young people choose to be confirmed in the church, and many couples get married in a church as well", she says.

According to Eira, the council prioritises the Sami church life and will dedicate its support, also financially, to the church life. "We have great support both in the council's administration and in the council as a political body to promote Sami issues."


Eira has a journalistic background. She comes from Kautokeino. Currently, she is the assistant principal at the Sami upper secondary school and reindeer herding school in her hometown.



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