Ukrainian leader to Russian Christians: The devil is using you


Eastern Europe


Valeriy Antonyuk condemns the Russian army. Screenshot from Youtube

"Today, the devil wears a military uniform and does dirty deeds." That says Valeriy Antonyuk, the head of the Evangelical Christian Baptists (ECB) in Ukraine, in a video message to Christians in Russia.

"This is not a patriotic and not a liberation war", Antonyuk states. "This is a demonic guard doing the will of the underworld."

The Baptist leader posted his video at the end of last week, just before the attack on the Crimea bridge and the rockets on Ukrainian cities. Very strongly, he warns against the mobilisation from Russia. "Are you planning to be next on this infamous list of murderers and rapists?" he asks. "The best advice I can give you is to do your best not to end up here."

He speaks directly to "Christians of Russia" in his message. "We urge you not to increase the lawlessness of your government, which sends you to kill in the name of Caesar." The only fruits are mass graves and tortured civilians. It is no less than the devil's work who "invites you to this war for the tsar and the Fatherland. And this is the road to the fiery Gehenna."

The pastor says it is a lie that the Russian army liberates Ukraine. "It occupies our country and wants to destroy it. Do not become one of these murderers." The time has come for Russian Christians to open their eyes and see the reality. "God will speak to you; this insight will be painful but very, very useful to you."

Satanic propaganda

Antonyuk urges clergy people from the Russian church not to bless armies and weapons. Instead of that, they should do something else. "Teach people to distinguish between truth and satanic propaganda. You need to pay the price of true Christianity; that time has come. Pray and look for every opportunity to avoid this shame of mobilisation and march to Ukraine. You are not welcome here because the Russian army is a bunch of murderers (…) that kills innocents and rapes children and women in a foreign country. This –as you say– great army has bombed hundreds of churches, tortures pastors and destroys houses of worship."

The operation of the Russians has a demonic character, the Baptist says. "The first army in the list of the devil, which carries out the program of Satan in our day. Your power and your army are the aggressor and servants of the underworld. Everyone in Ukraine knows this, and more and more people in the world understand it. God will justly judge the atrocities of modern Führers and their servants." He also speaks to faithful Christians in Russia. These people "have not bowed their knees before the atheists and dictators." Antonyuk encourages them: "You will win because the One who always conquers evil and darkness is with you. You are few, but the Lord blesses you. There are millions of true Christians around the world standing by your side."

Video messages

For Valeriy Antonyuk, it is not unusual to spread his message on videos. One week before the invasion in February, he asked for "intensified prayer and fasting" for the country, as was reported by CNE.news then.

Mene tekel

The rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities –which made at least nineteen casualties and 105 wounded– resulted in some more Christian witnesses. Evangelical Focus quotes a Christian leader in Ukraine who denounced Russia because it "destroys because they cannot conquer", adding a quote from Psalm 36:14-15: "The wicked draw a sword and draw their bow to strike down the needy and the poor, to cut down the people of the simple way, but their sword will enter their own heart, and their bows will be broken!"

An Evangelical pastor in Kyiv quoted Daniel 5, where King Belshazzar feasts shortly before dying. "The Lord will bring down Babylon. 'Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparsin'", the pastor wrote.



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