Italian politician wants to give the unborn legal capacity


Southern Europe


Model of a foetus. Photo AFP, Filippo Monteforte

Italy should recognise the legal capacity of unborn babies starting at conception. That is the bill's aim presented by the senator of the Forza Italia Party, Maurizio Gasparri.

Currently, Italians receive legal capacity from the moment of birth. That means they have certain rights, such as the capability to speak on their behalf in legal affairs. The centre-right party Forza Italia now wants to give these rights to unborn children as well, Avennire writes.

It is not the first time Gasparri has brought the proposal to the table. "It is a text that I propose at every start of the legislature", he explains to the Catholic daily Avennire. "I have presented it several times, but it has never been discussed yet."

Critics argue that the amendment would undermine the law on abortion, which currently does not deny the rights of the child, but also does not recognise them. However, Gasparri responds that this is not his aim. "My goal is the full application of law 194, even in the part where the future mother is assisted so that her choice is not obligatory."

Day dedicated to unborn life

In addition, Gasparri submitted a proposal to institute a national Day of Nascent Life. Quotidianosanita reports. He would like to dedicate March 25 to unborn life each year. The day would aim at promoting awareness of the social value of motherhood and solidarity between generations, the news source writes. Gasparri mentions "public events, ceremonies, meetings, common moments of information and reflection, also in schools at all levels, to disseminate information on gestation, early communication and relations between mother and child" as examples of possibilities.



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