Protestant church in Lithuania installs restored sculptures after 73-year hiatus


Eastern Europe


Installation of the sculptures. Photo Facebook, Vilniaus evangelikų reformatų parapija

A Protestant Lithuanian church will have its sculptures returned after their removal during the Soviet era.

According to Laikmetis Vilnius Evangelical Reformed Church, will see their roof renovated, along with the reinstallation of sculptures depicting angels and the Virgin Mary.

As announced on the church’s Facebook page the restored sculptures have been installed on 20 October.

“This unusual historical event will probably be interesting to many,” the church announced to their followers.

Church and cinema

After the church’s construction between 1830-1835, its sculptor built “two, kneeling winged angels” and a statue of Mary, holding a cross and a chalice. Mary’s presence is said to symbolise the concept of faith. Then in 1949, the sculptures were removed, as the church had now become a cinema. The church’s side facades had also been converted into stairwells that marked the theatre’s entrance, the Laikmetis report said.

In 1990, over forty years as a movie theatre, it became a church again.

Maintenance is set to continue into next year.



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