“Only strong marriages can reduce the number of abortions”


Central Europe


Campaign against marriage for all. The banner reads in German: "I have a daddy and a mommy".

Many Western countries have dedicated themselves to bringing down the number of abortions. Yet, this goal can only be achieved if authorities focus on strengthening marriages and families in the country, German theology professor Christoph Raedel says at the "Leben Würde" (Dignity of Life) Conference in Württemberg.

It is implausible if politicians express the wish to reduce the number of abortions and ignore the well-being of the families, Raedel argues, as reported by IDEA. He is a Professor of Systematic Theology and the History of Theology and the Free Theological College in Gießen. "Unfortunately, many developments in Western societies point in the opposite direction", he states.

Raedel rejects the argument that abortion is necessary to give people self-determination and that it is an issue of free choice. He does not think that people should be left to choose between life and death in abortion and euthanasia. "Autonomy is a concept that has to overwhelm people", he says. "Anyone deciding whether to abort their child or end their own life is being put in an emergency."

Dignity of Life Congress

The Dignity of Life Congress took place between October 21 and October 32 in the German town of Württemberg. Approximately 450 visitors attended it. Speakers at the conference spoke out in favour of protecting life, starting from conception and ending at natural death.

The conference was organised by several Christian organisations and some well-known people, such as the former Prime Minister of Thuringia, Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) and the Catholic bishop of Passau, Stefan Oster.

God calls all people to protect life, Catholic bishop Thomas Maria Renz says during the Dignity of Life conference. He referred to the 5th commandment: Thou shalt not kill, IDEA writes. According to Renz, the call to protect life is the most beautiful because it comes from God Himself.

Former Protestant bishop Hans Jürgen Abromeit stresses that God finds all lives worth living. "The Creator gives life, but people stop it", he says, pointing out that every ninth child is aborted in Germany. According to Abromeit, women who have an abortion should not be judged. After all, it is the state which abandons those women in need, he states.

Facts exchanged for feelings

In the trends of "gender diversity", "discrimination", and "cancel culture", facts are exchanged for feelings, author and publicist Birgit Kelle says during the conference, as reported by IDEA. "It is no longer about what is, but what you would like to have", she explains. For example, she points out that many people can now not explain what a woman is. "We have to name things as they are again. A woman is a biological form of life, not something that can be freely invented."

Philosopher of Religion Hanna Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz sees a societal trend that glorifies the body. She notes that self-determination over one's body has become very important, and the value of gender has been made irrelevant. "The basic requirement for gender theory is that life is just a stage."

However, Gerl-Falkovitz argues that "love is more than the meeting of two bodies", according to PRO. "The body has to do with life and love", she says, stressing that human life can only arise in the way of two genders.


Not everyone is happy with the Dignity of Life Conference, IDEA writes. Both "anarcho-feminists" and LGBT supporters came to protest against the congress. The participants of the Dignity of Life Conference were made out for "right-wing", "fundamentalists", and "racists." However, the demonstrators did not speak directly to those attending the conference.



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