“United Nations violate their own ideals by discriminating against Israel”


European Union


beeld EPA, Jason Szenes

The United Nations discriminate against Israel and thus violate their own principles, Martin Blecher, Secretary General of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association, argues.

The United Nations focuses only on what Israel could have done wrong and ignores terroristic entities and proxy groups that seek Israel's annihilation, Blecher writes in an opinion article in Altinget.

He criticises the fact that the United Nations established a commission to investigate Israel's alleged violations of international law in the Gaza area and the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "The commission members were chosen based on the fact that they had already declared Israel guilty of the crimes for which the country was to be investigated", Blecher points out.

One of the members, for example, claimed that the "Jewish lobby" and its finances controlled social media and proposed that Israel be banned from the United Nations, according to Blecher. The chairman of the committee has spoken about an "extreme Israel lobby" and "Apartheid Israel", he added.

These statements violate the principles of the United Nations itself that prescribe impartiality, objectivity and personal integrity, Blecher argues.

He denounces the fact that the first report of the investigative committee mentions Israel 277 times and does not name entities and proxy groups that launch rockets and target "innocent civilians." According to the Secretary-General, it is time that Sweden stands up for Israel and points out the UN violations of its own charter and ideals.



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