Slovak psychologist pleads for better family policies


Central Europe


According to the Slovakian psychologist Zuzana Straková, secular states can often accommodate families better than Catholic Slovakia. Straková pleads for a better family policy in the Central-European country.

Straková works as a counsellor-psychologist at Alexis Consulting, an organisation which helps women with unplanned pregnancies. In an interview with Slovak newspaper Standard Straková breaks a lance for family policies.

"We are not a church organisation but a provider of social services. When an unbelieving woman comes to us, for whom the question of value is not authoritative, and says that she cannot live on three hundred euros a month because her expenses are four hundred, it is logical that she is considering an abortion", Straková says. "Women of faith go into pregnancy with faith. They step into the darkness and accept the child, although they don't know what will happen. However, a woman who adds up her income and expenses and perceives it rationally." In such cases, the establishment of new financial benefits for pregnant women, such as pregnancy and pregnancy stipends, increases in family allowances, tax bonuses or parental allowances, have a great impact on a woman's decision-making says Straková.



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