Kirill: Donbas is the front line of defence Russian world


Eastern Europe


Patriarch Kirill during his speech to the children. Photo Patriarcha.ru, priest Igor Palkin

The Russian Patriarch Kirill says that the Ukrainian region of the Donbas is the front line of the "defence of the Russian world." Earlier, he had asserted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a battle in which the existence of Russia was at stake.

Kirill said on Thursday at a meeting with children from occupied Donbas that the Russian world is not only Russia but any place where people grow up in the traditions of Orthodoxy and the traditions of Russian morality. That is reported by Risu.ua, based on a message of the Russian news agency Tass.

At the meeting, more than 80 children, divided into two groups, met the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarcha.ru writes.

Children from Donbass listening to the Patriarch. Photo Patriarcha.ru, priest Igor Palkin

The Patriarch told them that the morality of people living in the Russian world is based on faith and love for the Fatherland, by which he referred to Russia. "If we lose love for the Fatherland, if we lose the ability to defend our home, our people, if we perceive other people's thoughts, sometimes harmful and dangerous, and we are guided by these thoughts, then we are embarking on a very dangerous path", he said. In addition, he emphasised that love for one's country is essential and means to be faithful to "the ideals that underlie the spiritual and moral development of the people, that is, the national culture and the Orthodox faith."

In conclusion, Patriarch Kirill told the children that they should remember his words in difficult times. "A person grows under the weight of responsibility. And when he comes out victorious in the fight against difficulties, this becomes a powerful impetus for his growth – mental, moral and also physical."



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