Evangelical Church in Spain continues to expand


Southern Europe


Church service in the La Siesta Evangelical Church in Spain. Photo La Siesta Evangelical Church

The Evangelical denomination continues to grow in Spain. In total, there are more than 4,300 Evangelical churches in the country at the moment. At the same time, 8,000 municipalities do not have an Evangelical congregation.

Government statistics confirm the growth of the Evangelical denomination. "We have estimated that the average number of members in Evangelical churches is almost one hundred", Máximo Álvarez, director of Evangelismo a Fondo (EVAF), says to Evangelical Focus. In total, there should be around 420,000 Evangelicals in Spain. This number continues to grow.


However, at the same time, Álvarez acknowledges that the Evangelical population of Spain does not even constitute 1 per cent of the total number of Spanish inhabitants. "Of the 8,130 municipalities in Spain, we have only reached 940. There is much to be reached", Álvarez said to Protestante Digital in an interview.

He encourages local congregations to look at the map where all the Evangelical churches are documented and see where they can best start their missionary work. "We have to plan how to develop church planting and making disciples. That is what moves us", Álvarez states.

The map with Evangelical churches is also used by foreign missionary organisations that see Spain as a place where missionary work can be done. "They look at the maps and see a need."


Álvarez stresses that young people play an important role in church planting. He believes that 'Evangelisation proposals must be taken to youth meetings to show them that there is a great mission in which they are called to participate."

This is also important because the Evangelical church in Spain is changing its face, Evangelical Focus writes. The church is becoming more interdenominational and intercultural. Álvarez says there are also thousands of young foreigners in Spain whom the church wants to reach.



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