Spanish Christians denounce “sexual indoctrination” at schools


Southern Europe


Spanish school children. Photo EPA, Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Spanish Christians denounce the sexual education that is taught at some schools. Recently, Spanish sex education has been on the news, which caused quite a bit of consternation.

The Spanish Evangelical Alliance criticises that children learn about sexuality without "respect for the natural evolutionary periods and the persistent incitement of children to the precocity in sexual relations." It does so in a statement on its website. According to the Alliance, the sexual education classes at some schools result in "insistent indoctrination" of "very malleable and easily manageable people." In addition, it warns of an increase in teen pregnancies and sexually transmittable diseases due to the changes in sex education at school.

According to the organisation, there is an agenda behind the current sexual education. "It maintains that it is good to initiate children into sexual activities." By that, it propagates that "the sex with which we are born is irrelevant" and that the "incongruence between biological sexual identity and gender self-perception is normal and should even be encouraged to experience it." In addition, it warns that sexual education promotes "a separation between children from their parents and the usurpation of the responsibility of parents over their children", Protestante Digital writes.

The Evangelical Alliance refers to three cases of sexual education that were highlighted in the news. The first case was that of a gymkhana for children in the Spanish town of Vilassar de Mar. The event included the simulation of several sexual postures. The organisers justified that by calling them "training activities on sexuality and affection."

Furthermore, there was upheaval in Spain about the statements of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. She said that children have the right to decide with whom they want sexual relationships. "All children have the right to know what they can love or have sexual relations with whomever they want, based on consent." Many interpreted this as Montero saying that children can have sexual intercourse with anyone they want to, including adults.

The third incident concerned a cross-dressing workshop for children in Terrassa. The city council justified the event by saying that the children "will build another version of themselves and imagine a different body from the one society imposes on them". It added that the event will help to "open our minds and imagine ourselves beyond what society told us we were in the starting box."

The Spanish Evangelical Alliance pleads for action from society and parents to counter this "indoctrination". Public administrations should review the actual results of their educational policies, the organisation states, according to Protestante Digital. Furthermore, educational centres should evaluate the offers of extracurricular activities sent to them to prevent "schools from becoming places of propaganda for groups with their own agenda." Lastly, parents should be aware that they keep a firm hold on their own educational responsibility. "We call you to rebel firmly against any interference in the relationship between you and your child, to confront these new sectarian prophets who claim the right to design how our families should function."



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