Catholic youth organisation Germany wants sexual self-determination for children


Central Europe


Child holds the rainbow flag during a Pride march in Podgorica, Montenegro. Photo EPA, Boris Pejovic

The German coalition is working on a self-determination law to make it easier for people to change their legal gender. The Association of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) wants minors to have the same possibilities.

If the government is able to pass its self-determination bill, adults can change their legal gender by showing a declaration at the registry office only. But the right to self-determination does not only apply at the age of 14 or 18, the BDKJ federal chairman, Gregor Podschun, said in a statement, as reported by Katholisch.de. He argued that it should apply to all people equally, including to children and young people.

Currently, minors under 18 need the consent of their parents or guardians to get a legal gender change. According to the BDKJ, these young people and children “can stand up for themselves and recognise and represent their identity.”


The right of sexual self-determination should start at the age of 15, not at 16 like it does today, says the Criminal Law Council in Norway. That is reported by Dagen. The council leader, Linda Gröning emphasises that children under 18 must be better protected against sexual exploitation.



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