Significantly more conscientious objectors for German army


Central Europe


Photo EPA, Marcin Bielecki

In 2022, almost five times more Germans filed an application against military service than in 2021. The war in Ukraine plays a key role in this development.

In 2021, the Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks received 201 applications for conscientious objection; in 2022, there were a total of 951 applications. This reports Tagesschau. Many justified their recourse to conscientious objection by saying they did not expect war.

According to a spokesman, the applicants are not only active soldiers. "On the contrary, these applications for conscientious objection can also be submitted by non-services and reservists."

The spokesman said that 593 were unserved, and reservists made 266 other applications. Accordingly, 223 applications came from soldiers.

Since Germany abolished compulsory military service in 2011, the figures refer to soldiers who are actively serving in the army. While Germany is not actively involved in the war, it supplies Ukraine with weapons and equipment.

The director of the German Peace Association responded that soldiers who come to the conclusion that they do not want to shoot and kill or wound other people should be offered an easy way out of the army. According to him, many soldiers are lured into the military with advertising-like promises that have nothing to do with reality.



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