EKD peace commissioner calls for negotiations with Russia


Central Europe


Friedrich Kramer. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Peace in Europe cannot be achieved without Russia, the Peace Commissioner of the Protestant Church of Germany (EKD) said on Thursday. He calls for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Friedrich Kramer, who is the Peace Commissioner, a ceasefire is central to any negotiations. He is critical of the increasing pressure in Germany to deliver weapons to Ukraine, PRO reports. Currently, Germany is urged to permit the delivery of Leopard tanks, which are produced in the country, as the National News writes.

Instead, Kramer pleads for more dialogue with Russia. He points out that the Western horror at Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to a diminished understanding that 'new, increased efforts to promote international understanding with Russia will also be necessary, even if these hardly seem possible at the moment." The Peace Commissioners stresses that Germany should do its best to achieve a ceasefire and peace negotiations, so that "this terrible death on the battlefields in Ukraine will come to an end."


Earlier, Kramer already received criticism, for example, on Twitter, for arguing against weapon deliveries to Ukraine. He had said in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung that he clearly said "no to arms deliveries, no to massive rearmament."



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