Russian priest santioned for praying for peace


Eastern Europe


Priest John Koval. Photo Telegram, Подъём

Priest John Koval from the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow may no longer serve. Instead of praying for victory, he asked God for peace. The Moscow Patriarchate did not appreciate his action.

Patriarch Kirill himself ordered the priest to lay down all his tasks on February 3, SPZH reports, based on an announcement on the website of the Moscow Diocese.

He did so after priest Koval modified the so-called Prayer for the Holy Rus. This prayer is a mandatory part of the liturgy of the Russian Orthodox Church. However, instead of reading the words “Arise, o God, to help Thy people and give us victory by Thy power”, Koval stated: “Rise o God, to help Thy people and give us peace by Thy power.”

That sentence led to the end of his activities as a priest. Koval may not conduct any services until “the examination of his case by the Disciplinary Commission at the Diocesan Council of Moscow is completed”, the website of the Diocese writes.



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