Over 200 bookshops participate in France’s Bible Month


Western Europe


Photo RD, Henk Visscher

For the last six years, March marks the month when many French booksellers put the Bible on display.

The French Bible Society (ABF) and the French Union of Booksellers and Religious Literature (SLLR) have designated March 1-31 as Month of the Bible to raise awareness of the Bible and its historical significance. The Evangelical Focus report also said that over 200 bookshops are currently taking part in the event. Some of the events have included holding workshops and setting up special Bible display tables. The theme selected for this year is, “When the Bible pushes me towards others.”

So far, the ABF has created over 500 posters, 40,000 bookmarks, and 30,000 magazines that remain free for booksellers to give them to their customers. Included in the magazines is an interview with Dr. Denis Mukwege who explains the value of the Bible when working with victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The commandment of love of neighbour guides all my actions,” he said in a Le Moise de La Bible article.

According to a 2022 report of the event from RCF Radio, the Bible is still one of the bestselling books in the world, but its readership numbers remain small. Ana Aurouze, a Biblical scholar, and project manager at ABF, says that the Bible remains a little-known book because of its “religious affiliation.”

Printed bible paper pages are being processed at the Normandie Roto Impression printing company in Lonrai. Photo AFP, Jean-Francois Monier

Pastor and Biblical scholar Anne-Laure Danet also said that that the 2,000-page Bible encompasses many different genres that include poetry in the Psalms. Danet also said that the Bible possesses many valuable cultural and historical references. The books also vary for Protestants and Catholics.

In addition to seeing the Bible as culturally significant, the several thousand-year-old Book’s “search for meaning” remains relevant for many. Meak, an author and performer, described the Bible as being “one of the most beautiful love letters,” where God writes a love letter to His people.

“I am always amazed by the richness of this ‘66 books-in-one' which crosses history, and which still turns lives upside down. And what a privilege also to have free and almost free access! So, whether it is to investigate the faith, to edify each other or even to travel in these stories, I invite everyone to constantly (re discover the words of a God who speaks,” he said to Le Moise de La Bible.



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