Luther Bible remains best-selling Bible translation in Germany


Central Europe


A woman walks past the Sauer Bible that is part of the exhibition 'The Luther Effect - 500 Years Protestantism in the World' at the Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany. Photo EPA, Felipe Trueba

The Luther Bible was sold like hot cakes in 2022. That year the Bible version became 500 years old.

In total, 130,000 copies of the Luther Bible were sold in 2022, the German press agency IDEA reports. The German Bible Society published statistics on the issue last Wednesday. The Luther Bible is based on the translation of the reformer Martin Luther. He translated the New Testament in 1522.

However, since that time, many new editions have been published. According to the German Bible Society, the wording of the Luther Bible has been adapted to changes in language in knowledge.


Of the so-called BasisBibel (Basic Bible), 100,000 copies went over the counter. The BasisBibel was published in 2021 for the first time. That year, 215,000 exemplars were sold. The Bible translation is characterised by short sentences and explanations in the margin, PRO writes. General Secretary Christoph Rösel from the German Bible Society says that the decline was expected, even though he said in an earlier interview that he was optimistic that “the BasisBibel will establish itself alongside the Luther Bibel as a translation for the 21st century.”

The sale of Bibles in foreign languages also increased. Especially Ukrainian and Russian Bibles were sold more often than in other years. In total, the Bible Society distributed 370,000 Bibles in 2022.



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