First chaplains graduate in Ukraine


Eastern Europe


Hanna Malyar, Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister, hands a graduating chaplain his diploma. Photo Telegram, Ганна Маляр

The first cohort of chaplains has graduated last Saturday from the new educational program in Ukraine.

The ceremony took place in the Church of Saint Sophia of the Wisdom of God, Risu.ua reports. The graduates studied for six weeks, participating in a special training program for military chaplains.

The cohort existed of 30 military chaplains from five religious organisations. They received their certificate from the Military Institute of Kyiv National University.

During the graduation ceremony, Brigadier General Anatoly Shevchenko, head of the Military Institute, pointed out that the graduates received the “the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them effectively maintain the spiritual strength of our military during military operations.” In addition, he said to be proud of their work and wished them success. “Always be strong and steadfast in your service to God and our Motherland, Ukraine”, he concluded.

Also, Deputy Defence Minister, Hanna Malyar, was present at the ceremony. She presented the chaplains with their diplomas. “We are warriors of justice, we fight for our truth, for the right to exist, and God is with us”, Malyar said during the graduation. She stressed that chaplains are the people on whom the army can rely. “I hope this huge mission entrusted to them will definitely lead Ukraine to victory!”

The event was attended by several religious representatives. The Primate of the Church of Ukraine, His Beatitude Epiphany, was present, for example. Also, the UGCC head, Sviatoslav, and the Deputy Head of the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Churches attended, among others.


The major absentee was the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The denomination indicates that it did not receive a mandate for chaplaincy, SPHZ reports. In total, 245 mandates were issued. The sister church of the UOC, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, received one hundred of them.



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