Guest commentary: European Union is an attempt to escape from Europe’s Christian past



David Millard

The European Union is like the Roman Empire from the past. But the Europeans forget that the Romans paved the way for the Gospel. Photo EPA, Patrick Seeger

The Roman Empire existed in the same place as the present European Union. In fact, the EU is a new Roman Empire. But they forget the Christian heritage on the continent, says David Millard in a guest opinion.

The Bible tells us that in the last days, a final world empire will rise out of Europe (see this in Daniel 2:41-43; 7:7-8).

But this final world empire will be short-lived and suddenly crushed by the return of Christ. He will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44; 7:13-14).

The European Union today is no less than the revived Roman Empire described in the Bible. The leaders of key European nations are working to create a European superstate to govern the world.

It should be said Europe isn’t the same as the European Union, even if those in the European project would like us to believe that.

Europe has been the Christian Continent for centuries. Not a secular super state, governed by humanist principles.

Many tongues

In fact, the formation of this particular European Union is merely an attempt to escape from Europe’s Christian past. In the same way, men rejected God’s authority at the beginning of human history, so they’re doing it today.

Bruegel's Tower of Babel, painting from 1568. Photo ANP, Sem van der Wal

You see that also in the European Union’s Parliament building in Strasbourg. That is designed to resemble the Tower of Babel. Inside is a replica of the unfinished Tower of Babel, which isn’t coincidental.

The Council of Europe printed a poster identifying Europe with rebuilding the Tower of Babel and using the slogan “Many tongues, one voice”, showing the rebuilt tower.

Europe’s rise is foretold in Bible prophecy (see Daniel 7:23). The prophet Daniel predicted that a future unified Europe would rise in the end times out of the ashes of the old Roman Empire.

Christ’s return

The former Roman Empire encompassed present-day Europe. So, we should expect that in the latter days, a future unified Europe will come to power again and dominate the world. Europe will play a central role in the period preceding Christ’s return. It will be governed by a single figure who the Bible calls the Antichrist.

In rejecting Christianity, Europe is setting itself up in direct opposition to God. But an essential doctrine of the Christian faith is the sovereignty of God. The idea that God is in control. This world and everything in it belongs to Him, and He is not only controlling our lives but directing history itself (Psalm 47:2).

God is sovereign over the actions of every world leader, even if they neither know that nor believe it. In reality, they’re only doing what God allows them to do.

God controls all things in this world, not man, so any attempt to build a secular international order won’t succeed. Instead, Europe is in a time of crisis.


The similarities between Europe today and the Bible’s account of Israel in Isaiah’s day are remarkable.

In the fifth chapter of Isaiah, we read about God’s disappointing vineyard (Isaiah 5:1-7). The vineyard is identified as Israel.

How God had made an investment in Israel with the expectation it would produce good fruit, blessed them with many privileges and material possessions and instructed them on how to live. They knew the true God.

Yet even with all these blessings and privileges, they’d produced nothing of any spiritual value and forgotten God. And so, God would remove Israel’s hedge of protection, and Isaiah warned them of coming judgment (Isaiah 5:8-30).

The sins that would bring divine judgment were materialism, greed, drunkenness, and pleasure-seeking. Israel didn’t regard the work of the LORD, and God was in none of their thoughts.

Their cynical unbelief and defiant sinfulness – openly defying God. Their moral perversion – what is evil they call good, what is good they call evil and arrogant conceit. They are wise in their own eyes (Isaiah 5:21).

Finally, their leaders themselves were corrupt and had abandoned righteousness.


These are the specific sins the Bible identifies as the reason for the destruction of Israel. If God destroyed His covenant people for these sins, what hope does Europe have that it will escape?

God’s judgment of Israel was perpetrated by the sword and came to destroy Israel’s political stability and independence. Israel was invaded by foreigners who practised another religion and did not know God.

They came from other nations and spoke a language they didn’t understand.

A cruel people that had no regard for women, children or the elderly. They carried out attacks against God’s people – raiding houses, raping women, and setting their cities ablaze. What we would call terrorism today. And God allowed it to happen.

This is exactly what is happening in Europe. The Bible says when these things begin to happen, your redemption draws near (Like 21:28). The generation that sees these things will also see the return of Christ (Matthew 24:34).

David Millard was born in South Africa in 1970.

David Millard.jpeg
David Millard

He is of mixed European descent. He is a speaker on European history and religion and holds to historical European Christian values.

He served in the South African military, first as a paratrooper and later in a counter-insurgency role. He has also worked with United Nations forces in Africa.

A graduate of Terrorism and International Security Studies in Ireland, he has travelled extensively in the Middle East and also to its conflict areas.

As a speaker on the Middle East conflict, he was twice given a prestigious award for promoting fair and balanced media coverage of the Arab-Israel conflict.

He presented a theological paper on what is happening in Europe at the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians Biennial Conference in Prague in August 2022.

In Biblical Apologetics, he presents on the current situation in Europe and today’s events around the world from a biblical perspective.

His current presentation, entitled The Conspiracy Against Europe, seeks to offer the most accurate answer to what is happening in Europe today, offering a message of hope for the challenging days ahead.

David is open for feedback.



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