Russia will annex UOC after victory over Ukraine, ROC clergy man says


Eastern Europe


Exarch Leonid believes that the dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. Photo Telegram, Metropolitan Leonid

If Russia conquers Ukraine, the Russian Orthodox Church will take over the dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. That was announced by Metropolitan Leonid.

According to Leonid, there is no other solution than to integrate the dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church into the Russian Orthodox Church if Ukraine is conquered by Russia. That was reported by SPHZ. Officially, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church already belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate. However, after the invasion, it attempted to break free from Patriarch Kirill, who supported the war.

Now, Exarch of Africa Metropolitan Klinsky Leonid said in an interview with Ukraina.ru that “it is necessary to accept the corresponding dioceses, to consider the advisability of their separation, or unification and direct subordination to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus” in the case when “the territory of Ukraine is liberated from the Nazi regime.” Leonid added that he does not see any other solution.

Wing of Moscow

He condemned the attempted separation of the UOC from the Moscow Patriarchate. “When the opportunity presented itself to get out from under the wing of Moscow, they did it”, he said, calling the move a case of “separatism.”

Earlier, Metropolitan Leonid already expressed his criticism of the move of the UOC, the Orthodox Union of Journalists wrote. He then said that all bishops who supported the breaking away from the Moscow Patriarchate should be “driven with a filthy broom.”



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