Europeans fervently support legal abortions


European Union


Protesters hold up placards during a march to call for decriminalisation of abortion. Photo AFP, Henry Nicholls

A clear majority of the European population supports legal abortions.

Abortion should be a matter of free choice in most or all cases. That is the opinion of most Europeans, as shown by a survey of the American Pew Research Center.

For the study, Pew Research Center questioned people in 24 countries, PRO reports. In most European states that were considered, a large majority favoured legal abortions. In Sweden, this percentage is as high as 95 per cent. In France, it amounts up to 87, in the Netherlands, up to 85, and in Germany, it is 84 per cent. An exception is Poland, where the share of people supporting abortion is only 56 per cent.

The study also concluded that the religiosity of a country affects the number of people who support the legalisation of abortion. In countries where more people say that religion is important to them, fewer believe that abortion should be legal.



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