German foundation and Moldovan Baptists open 64th family orphanage


Eastern Europe


The opening ceremony of the new orphanage. Photo Baptist.org

A new orphanage has been opened. It is located in the Hincesti region. The German organisation Bridge to Life and the Union of ECB Churches of Moldova are behind the initiative.

It is the second orphanage that opens its doors in the region, and the 64th in the whole country, InVictory writes. Christian and Diana Severin are the owners and the leaders of the family orphanage. They have three children of their own and will take in six orphans to become part of their family.

At the opening ceremony, several speakers emphasised that families are the cornerstone of society and that it is important that children who grow up in a family benefit society as a whole. That it is beneficial for children to grow up with parents is noticeable at school, says teacher Elena Andreevna who works in the region. "They behave disciplined at school, are an example for other children, study successfully, win various competitions, and talk lovingly about their family and how mom and dad help them in solving various issues", she stated, as reported by Baptist.org.

Showing Christ's love

The chairman of the Bridge to Life Foundation, Waldemar Schroeder, says that the whole point of the orphanages is not only to give children a good social future. "We want to show them that the Lord loves them", he emphasises.

The founder of the Bridge to Life Foundation, Gerd Hemerling, was also present at the opening ceremony. In his speech, he said that Christians should not only speak about their faith but live accordingly, "showing Christ's love."



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