Italian Prime Minister tries to save the life of an uncurable baby


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Baby Indi with her mother in the British hospital Queen Medical Center. Photo X, Jóvenes Católicos

The 8-month-old Indi has an uncurable illness. British doctors gave up hope, but Meloni wanted to save the child. Now, the English court refuses to let the baby go.

An Italian judge has implemented an emergency measure and implemented a curator to deal with the question whether Indi Gregory can be transferred from Great Britain to Italy, Simone Pillon, the lawyer of the Gregory family writes on Twitter. However, the court refuses the transfer of the child to Italy, AP News reports. The lawyer of the Gregory family works on an appeal.

British medics decided to stop the treatment of the girl who has a mitochondrial disease that is uncurable. The condition causes Indi's cells to not produce energy. Therefore, her muscles cannot develop in a healthy way, and the girl is permanently bound to her bed and to her oxygen supply. According to the British doctors, the girl is dying, the Dutch broadcaster NOS writes.

However, Indi's parents strongly opposed the decision and decided to start a lawsuit. "We know that she is handicapped, but you don't let handicapped people just die", they stated during the trial. "We want to give her another chance."

Nevertheless, the judge ruled that the judgment of the hospital to stop the treatment" was unanimous and clear." Therefore, the hospital could stop all treatment on Monday afternoon at 15 o clock. In Great Britain, this verdict was final.

Termination of life

However, Indi's parents set their hopes on the Italian government. In Italy, all forms of euthanasia and termination of life are forbidden. And even though the British authorities had refused to give the couple permission to move their child to Italy, they did not give up hope.

Instead, they appealed to the Italian authorities to grant their child Italian citizenship. Ten minutes before 15.00 o clock, when Indi's life support would be turned off, the Meloni administration came to a conclusion.

"They say there is not much hope for little Indi, but until the end, I will do what I can to defend her life", Prime Minister Meloni stated on her social media accounts, as reported by Avennire.


The Roman Catholic Church, pro-life movements and the ruling parties were happy about this decision, and the opposition remains quiet, the Dutch daily Reformatorisch Dagblad writes.

Micobiologist Andrea Crisanti was one of the few critics. “The English medical system is one of het most advanced when it comes to genetics”, he said. “Bringing the little one to Italy is a unnessary cruelty.”

In Rome, there is a hospital called Bambino Gesù (Baby Jesus), which is connected to the Vatican. Indi would not be the child that has no perspective on healing, but is yet treated in this hospital.

This article was updated with additional information on November 9, 2023


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