Belarussian pastor fined for unknown reasons


Eastern Europe


Photo X, @TatsianaKhomich

A Belarussian pastor was imprisoned and fined for unknown reasons. He is part of a larger trend of clergymen being targeted by the Lukashenko regime.

Vasyl Trubchyk is a well-known pastor in Belarus, writes Christians for Ukraine. However, his fame did not help him when he was arrested by Belarusian authorities last Friday. The acquisitions brought against him are not formally known, but Trubchyk openly condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine and was critical of the regime of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. On Monday, Mr. Trubchyk was fined and sent home.

The number of imprisoned Belarussian clergymen is increasing, writes Christians for Ukraine. The news outlet names a pastor and two priests who were arrested only last month.

According to the news website, the issue of freedom of religion and freedom of speech is intensifying in connection with the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the role of the Belarusian regime in it. "Today, we are watching how clerics and ordinary Christians of various denominations come under attack from Lukashenka's regime - everyone who in one way or another dares to speak about truth and justice."



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