Missionary pioneer passes away in anniversary year of his organisation


Western Europe


Hans Keijzer. Photo Missie Nederland

Hans Keijzer, the Dutch founder of the missionary organisation Evangelische Zendingsalliantie (EZA), has passed away at the age of 91.

Keijzer was born in 1932 and died last week. His death occurred in the same year as the 50th anniversary of the organisation he founded.

Hans Keijzer was born in a Reformed family. In the 50s, he encountered the organisation Youth for Christ. There, he became very interested in and involved in the small Evangelical missionary movement Evangelische Zendingsalliantie (Evangelical Missionary Alliance). Even though he did not become a missionary himself, he became active as a "networker and connector" in God's Kingdom, a press release from EZA reads.

Faith communities

In 1973, Hans Keijzer established the EZA, and he was active as its President until he retired in 1997. There, he led different missionary organisations, missionaries and local faith communities to "contribute to God's global mission".

In addition, Keijzer was active for several other Christian organisations, such as Tearfund and Wycliffe Bible Translations. Furthermore, he wrote hundreds of articles about missionary work.

Hans Keijzer was married to his wife Diny, and left behind four children and nine grandchildren.



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