New pro-life initiatives in Switzerland


Central Europe


The pro-life movement in Switzerland wants to have two referendums about protection of life. Photo marschfuerslaebe.ch

In Switzerland, two new pro-life citizens’ initiatives were presented by members of the parliamentary group “Christ and Politics.”

Idea Schweiz is reporting this. To be successful, the initiatives need to have at least 100,000 signatures in June 2023.

The first initiative is called “For the protection of viable babies outside the womb.” It proposes to insert a new paragraph into the Federal Constitution to protect human life before birth by law. Unless the pregnant woman’s life is in acute danger, specific measures would protect unborn babies from the moment they can breathe outside the womb. Even if the children would need medical technologies to do so. Three months after the government accepted the initiative, all provisions that could end a pregnancy after that time would cease to apply.

Time of consideration

The second initiative is called “For a day of contemplation before every abortion.” It proposes that doctors have to give pregnant women who ask for abortions at least one day to consider their decision. During that time, doctors would also have to provide pregnant women with a guide containing all available counselling and assistance centres that help in the case of unplanned pregnancies. The mandatory consideration period would not apply when the woman’s life is in danger.



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