Patriarch Kirill criticises film industry


Eastern Europe


Patriarch Kirill during a TV interview. Still from YouTube video

While the Apostle Paul calls us to put off the old and to be renewed in Christ, much in society rather holds up the old, fallen man as an ideal to be emulated, Russian Patriarch Kirill preached Sunday.

Christian news website Orthodox Christianity reported about the Patriarch's commenting on Sunday's Epistle reading (Colossians 3:4-11). The Apostle Paul encourages us to lay aside our sinful habits, to put off the 'old man' with his deeds. Instead, „this old man is presented to us as an ideal in fiction, and especially in modern cinematography", the Patriarch said, focussing on the film industry.

The fact that the old man is continually presented to us as an ideal, is „nothing but a diabolic temptation" and will draw us into idolatry, Kirill said. The Patriarch warned his audience not to forget about the most important thing: „about our inner life, about the state of our soul."

„May the great words of the Apostle Paul strengthen us in a pure, virtuous Christian life and give us inner peace, joy and peace that always accompany the one who removes the old man and puts on the new one, created according to God", Patriarch Kirill concluded.



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