German CDU leader Merz changes his mind about gay adoption


Central Europe


Photo AFP, Ina Fassbender

In what seems to be a fundamental change of direction, the designated chairman of the German Christian Democrat party CDU, Friedrich Merz, has advocated adoption by same-sex couples.

Mr Merz has long been known for speaking out favouring the traditional heterosexual family. For example, at the turn of the millennium, he had strictly rejected the introduction of registered partnerships for gay and lesbian couples, which he regarded as an attack on the heterosexual family. "We will not accept them", said Merz at the time.

And as late as September 2020, he said about the adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples.: "Sexual orientation is of no concern to the public as long as it is within the law and as long as it does not affect children. At this point, however, an absolute limit has been reached for me."

Better parents

The designated CDU chairman appears to have changed his mind after reading various studies on the issue. In several interviews with German media, Mr Merz said he is not against it anymore.

In an interview with German ARD tv, Mr Merz was even quoted as saying: "Some homosexual couples are probably better parents than some heterosexuals." He also told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung that "the attention children need does not depend on whether the parents are homosexual or heterosexual."

Is this a significant change of direction for Mr Merz, or is he just trying to show a more liberal image for political reasons? The designated CDU leader defended his news stance by saying: "Being conservative also means being open to good arguments."

Disturbing supporters

However, German Catholic newspaper Die Tagespost warned on Tuesday that Mr Merz is disturbing some of his supporters with such statements. "And that, in turn, says something about how the incoming CDU party chairman assesses his own power base. Those who do not share this idea of homosexual parenthood can, in his view, apparently be neglected both as party friends and as voters. Will this calculation work?"

German Lesbian and Gay Union LSU has welcomed the statements of Mr Merz. "We are looking forward to working together."



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