Cities in Lviv region forbid Moscow-oriented Orthodox Church


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Photo Drohobych city council

Authorities in the Ukrainian region Lviv have forbidden the activities of the Moscow-oriented part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Last week, this happened in another city already.

The city council of Drohobych banned the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church because they would "artificial confrontation between certain groups of the Ukrainian people, the Union of Orthodox Journalists reports.

By forbidding the church activities, the city council wants to "consolidate the Ukrainian people", the website of the city administration reads. The decision was made during a regular meeting, which took place on March 10.

Pravoslavie.ru writes that the city council's decision was based on the appeal of representatives of the local community of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. This church is part of the Roman Catholic community and is concentrated in the West of Ukraine.

"Threat to national security"

It is not the first time a city council has prohibited church activities in the Lviv region. Earlier this month, the city council of Horodok posted an official notice on Facebook to explain its decision to ban the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It accused the church then too of anti-state and anti-Ukrainian activities by "splitting Ukrainian society on religious grounds." Therefore, the activities were seen as "a threat to the national security of Ukraine."

Patriarch Kirill

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is split into two parts. One part falls under the Patriarchate of Kiev; the autonomous church in the Orthodox World community The other one is under the Patriarchate of Moscow. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in question is part of the Patriarchate of Moscow and therefore in contact with Patriarch Kirill. However, also this part of the Ukrainian church seems to be very patriotic and openly supporting the Ukrainian army and sovereignty.



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