Spanish protest against criminalisation of pro-life prayers nearby abortion clinics


Southern Europe


Demonstrators take part in an anti-abortion march in Spain. Image not related to content. Photo AFP, Oscar Del Pozo

Spain introduced a bill that criminalises "harassment" of women entering abortion clinics. That means that praying outside of clinics will be illegal as well. The Spanish Derecho a Vivir (translated as Right to Live) platform raises its voice in protest.

The bill was introduced in May 2021, Catholic News Agency writes. The Spanish Socialist Worker's Party proposed to make it illegal to participate in or favour demonstrations near abortion clinics. The proposal read that these activities should be punished with jail terms between three months to a year or community service from 31 to 80 days.

The pro-life organisation Right to Live organised a protest against the bill outside the Senate building on April 6. That day, the Senate was due to consider the bill, the organisation wrote on its website.

A group of pro-life volunteers gathered around the building to receive senators with banners and slogans, the organisation reports in a press release. "Anyone voting for the criminalisation of pro-lifers condemns thousands of pregnant women to the worst decision of their lives by depriving them of a fundamental aid, Inmaculada Fernández said. He is the spokesperson for the Right to Live organisation.

Yet, the protest did not have the effect desired by the Right to Live organisation. The Senate passed the bill without requesting any amendments, Catholic News Agency reports. Expectations are that the law will come into effect this weekend.

Inmaculada Fernández from the Right to Live organisation responds that the Senate condemned thousands of babies to die without anyone being able to help them. "Thus, the senators who approved this modification of the Penal Code are staining their hands with blood."



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