Ukrainian Baptists work as volunteers to help fellow citizens


Eastern Europe


Rescue worker in Ukraine. Photo AFP, Aleksey Filippov

Members of the Baptist churches in Ukraine are helping fellow civilians who suffered the consequences of the war.

Some of them help to rebuild houses destroyed by the war. Others rescue people from ruins or provide pastoral help, IDEA reports based on a letter from the Ukrainian Baptist Union in a letter to the German Union of Evangelical Free Churches (BEFG).

Moreover, 70 Baptist members are staying in Irpin to repair broken windows and defective roofs in the city. They are housed in the Baptist community centre in the Ukrainian town. The Baptist members have also taken on the task of providing soldiers with warm lunches every day and offering residents the chance to do their laundry and charge their phones, the letter states.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian Baptist Union writes that many people attend church services close to the front. “The hardships of the war make people ask about God and go to church.” According to the congregation in Chernihiv, three-quarters of the people that attend the services are not church members. “At the Easter service in the village of Dniprovske, 15 of the 45 church visitors became Christians.”



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