Russian Church wants to enshrine traditional values in the law


Eastern Europe


Photo ANP, Robin van Lonkhuijsen

Traditional values should be weighed in court decisions. That is the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to Vakhtang Kipshidze, deputy chairman of the Synodal Department for Relations between Church, Society and Media, it is good to check whether a court decision is in line with traditional values to determine whether it complies with public policy and whether it can be enforced. The deputy chairman stated so on his Telegram channel, Ria Novosti reports. Kipshidze argued that public order, which is a criterion for executing court decisions in Russia, always "relies on society's moral consensus."

He warns that "leftist trends in law" have led to the neglect of this form of interpretation of the law. "Allegedly, because morality is too diverse."

"Russian minor should not live in a same-sex relationship"

Recently, the Russian Orthodox Church department spoke out its opposition against a court decision, Interfax reports. The case was about a minor who returned to her mother, who lived in a same-sex relationship in Australia. “Unacceptable”, wrote department chairman Vladimir Legoyda on his Telegram channel. In addition, he called the Russian authorities to change the law so that Russian children could no longer be returned to same-sex families. According to Legoyda, this decision is contrary to "the idea of marriage as a union between men and women, as is enshrined in the Russian Constitution."



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